Harvey's Spool O' Matic 9000 – The Instruction Manual

Harvey’s Spool O’ Matic 9000

The Creation Process:

Throughout the past year and a half at Harvey’s Plumbing and Heating. My colleague Tyler Graff, and I, have been developing a set of tools to increase productivity and efficiency at our company through developing a fabrication process utilizing a Revit Toolbar generated from macros. This tool-set primarily benefits our workflow and allows us to create assembly spool sheets in a fraction of the time it would take with conventional Revit tools. It also has created a standard for our companies spool drawings to maintain consistency in the field so that each spool sheet is as similar as possible as the one before that, and in turn increasing the legibility of the drawings for the foreman using them.

Our first goal when creating this process, and tool-set, was to evaluate our process. The process in which we went from point A – Z. This allowed for us to simplify, iterate and redesign the process to increase not only the process, but the effectiveness of the overall process. After coming up with a plan and iterating the plan over and over again we were able to refine the process into a series of steps, in this case, Revit buttons, that would allow for expedient spools without having to purchase a tool-set that didn’t align to our standards.

After creating a series of assemblies of plumbing components, utilizing Building Data Content, we were able to compile accurate assemblies of what are built out in the field. These assemblies…
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