Level Up with Better Data

One of the first things every new InfraWorks 360 user asks is, “Where do I get the data from?” There are lots of answers, but I want to make sure you’re aware of some options that are out there, specifically one option that can increase the level of fidelity for your buildings models.¬†We’ve been working quite a bit with Cyber City 3D (CC3D, @CyberCity3D if you’re a Twit.) to make their data-sets work better and easier within the InfraWorks 360 framework. Let’s take a look at the options available for building data, and you’ll see why I’m so intrigued with this relationship.

Let’s take a look at Austin, Texas. I’ve been playing with Austin a LOT lately as part of their involvement with the US DOT Smart Cities Challenge, so they’re front of mind. I start almost every model I build with Modelbuilder. Within minutes, I can pick a box, download a model, and I get a pretty decent feel for how my city should look. This data is coming from the Open Street Maps Project (OSM) and it’s…

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