Modeling Tips for Assemble Systems Users – Revit Assemble Codes

When we think of modeling tips, most people will probably think about geometry. While that is very important, we often ignore the “I” in BIM. The information or data component of a project is often overlooked but can be extremely valuable when leveraged.

One of the reasons I use Assemble Systems is because it allows non-BIM authors a means to access and consume the data within the model. Some of us might think that Revit and Navisworks are easy to use tools, but for a lot of people, they are very difficult. Potentially there is a lot of value in those models, if you can’t access it though, then what’s the benefit. Even more intriguing is how Assemble allows the non-BIM user to manipulate data within the model. But this article isn’t a sales pitch for Assemble or my consulting services, its about suggestions/tips for modeling for Assemble. In this case, what to do about Assembly Code values.

As with my previous post, this isn’t limited to users who are working exclusively with…

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