Reflecting on the Forge DevCon

Today has been a strange day, to say the least. Waking up to the results of the UK’s EU referendum (also known as the “Brexit” vote) was a complete shock, and I’m yet to recover. The world has certainly changed but it’s going to be some time before the full impact is felt.

Last week in SF I felt a little bit of this, although in a much more positive direction: that we were at a moment in time where things were about to change. Not immediately, and not for everyone, but I definitely came away with the sense that things were about to get interesting. For me, certainly, but I expect for many of you, too.

The platform that’s being built – and we’re definitely at the beginning of this journey, there’s a long road yet to travel – is going to enable us to build some really cool stuff.

Amar Hanspal telling us about Forge

Let’s take a concrete example of something with an immediate benefit: several of the scenarios highlighted at the Forge DevCon were about the future, but this one’s about API…

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