RTC 2016

Recently I had the pleasure to attend the Twelfth Australasian RTC conference, held at the Crowne Plaza in the Hunter Valley from 12 – 14 May 2016. The conference brought together BIM experts from around the world to share knowledge, practical methods and new ideas. The conferenced opened by a fantastic and inspirational keynotes from David Rendall. Author of ‘The Freak Factor’, David entertained the audience suggesting that the best way to achieve and maintain excellence is to deviate from the norm. (If you are interested in finding out mode about David, you can watch his TEDx talk here). His slogan sums up the keynote perfectly:

What makes us weird also makes us wonderful.

What makes us weak also makes us strong.

Next, Autodesk announced the launch of ‘Revit Ideas‘. This is an official forum for the community to submit ideas for the future development of Revit. Let’s hope Autodesk finally listen to what users have to say, unlike the AUGI wish list which seems to…

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