Rules and Systems in Reinforced Concrete

If steel reinforcement bars (“rebars”) as well as plates or fibres are merged with concrete, the reinforced concrete is generated. Reinforcement provides additional tensile potency to concrete. Reinforced Concrete produces several skyscraper buildings within short span of time.

Reinforced Concrete is applied for various structures types and components which range from beams, slabs, walls, columns, foundations and more.

Two types of methods are generally followed for reinforced concrete design :-

1. Working stress method – This method is based on conditions of service load. But this method is outmode.

2. Strength Design Method – This method is based on conditions at loads higher than service loads when failure is occurred.

Strength Design Method considers two load factors – overload factors and strength reduction factor toward safety purpose. Strength Design Method follows the principles that design strength that includes axial force, shear force, bending moment etc. must…

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