Sizing AS3500 Compliant Pipework Using Revit – Part 1

For Australians that have tried working with the pipe sizing tool within Revit, you would know that Revit doesn’t quite size things right. In fact it over sizes the pipework and calculated pipe sizes can get out of hand.

I had the pleasure to speak about this topic at the 2016 Revit Technology Conference (RTC) back in May where I demonstrated a simple workflow that sizes domestic water pipework to AS3500 compliant sizes. The main goal of the demonstrated workflow was to keep things as simple as possible, which I guess ends up making it a workaround rather than a true workflow, but it something that everyone is able to get access to without knowledge of coding for the Revit API.

How do you size pipework?

Most Australians use a few tried and true methods. Those being AS3500.1 using the pipe sizing tables in Appendix C, the book Selection & Sizing of Copper Tubes for Water Systems otherwise known as Barrie Smith’s Blue Book. Some of you probably even just size off the top of…

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