Tekla and Revit Interop Guidance, and some Tekla Bias for Good Measure :)

Ok, following up from my post yesterday, there has recently been released some updated information from Tekla about Revit interoperability. The key parts of interest to me are here:

However, I would have to say that for the most part this page and the associated pdf seems to be written by someone without a very deep or perhaps current knowledge of Revit?

PDF embedded here:

And I really have to object to some of these antiRevit sentiments, as per my notes below:

Last time I checked Revit was creating and storing the majority of multidisciplinary BIM information (at least that is true in some of the local markets here). Am I missing something and more information lives in Tekla in other countries?

Obviously, once we hit LOD300 in Revit maybe we should just stop, transfer all of that information into Tekla, and keep going from there 🙂 Ah, I kid…

In closing, beware of biased hype directed against products by people without a wide-range view…

Which is completely different to when I tease…
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