ZWSOFT launched CADbro, a powerful CAD viewer for product design & manufacturing industry

CADbro from ZWSOFT introduced CADbro, one of the most robust CAD viewers presently existing in the market. CAD viewers facilitate both technical and non-technical users to produce their 2D and 3D product deliverables straight from the CAD data.

CADbro optimizes data exchange process as well as interactive 3D CAD viewing, 3D annotations and superior analysis power. Besides, it can be used for strong healing, direct editing, assembly check, animation and mold assistance tools.

CADbro offers immense benefits to the product design and manufacturing industry. It can be applied throughout the whole lifecycle of a product among different teams together with engineering, sales, marketing, project management, manufacturing and purchasing departments, to verify product manufacturing information along with data exchanging, interactive 3D CAD viewing, colorful 3D annotation and even advanced analysis capabilities generally found in more powerful CAD packages.

CADbro contains the following…

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