ACA/AMEP: "BIND" Bound External Reference Named Object Naming

Whenever possible, I try to avoid binding External References with the BIND option; I prefer to use the INSERT option when I cannot leave the references as external. In cases where the “root” layer (for example, A-Door) has the same layer attributes and is treated the exact same way, whether as a “live” layer in the host file or a layer within one or more external references, using the INSERT option simply combines all of the various layers with the same root name into one layer (A-Door in the example here). But there are times when one has to work on a project done by others (perhaps, many others, over a long period of time), where the various layers with the same root name (A-Door, External01|A-Door, External02|A-Door, etc.) are not treated the same way, in particular, with regard to on/off, freeze/thaw and/or viewport freeze/thaw status. If A-Door is on, thawed and viewport thawed, External01|A-Door is globally frozen and External02|A-Door is viewport frozen, using the INSERT
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