Adding a View Reference in Text Notes

One of the best things about Revit is the parametric relationship between elements. Change a detail number, and the call-out will automatically update. Move a section view to a different sheet, and the corresponding section tag will change too. That’s great! Back in the dark ages – I mean AutoCAD days, if you made changes in one view you would have to manually find and update ALL the affected views! On a large project this could take a considerable amount of time, and often lead to discrepancies in the drawings if you were not careful.
So it’s true in Revit that our view tags (call outs, section tags etc.) will automatically update. But what if we want to reference views in text notes?

Adding a View Reference in Text notes

view reference

Often times we need to reference a view in a text note. In this example I’m calling out a Bolted Welded Beam Splice Detail – Detail 4 on sheet S156.

I have just referenced it using Text. This means if the detail number or the sheet that its placed on changes,…

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