Adding gaze and gestures to control our Unity model in HoloLens

Now that our industrial robot is animated, I thought it a good time to head back on over and finish more of the Holograms 101 tutorial.

The next section of the tutorial focuses on adding a gaze cursor to the application: you have a torus mesh that tracks against the geometry the user is looking at. The instructions were reasonably straightforward – even when retrofitting the approach for a different project – but there were a few “gotchas” that are worth documenting:

  • The simplest way to get the cursor – and its dependent bits and pieces – across into your project is to export the asset from the tutorial project and import it into your own. Perhaps obvious, but there it is.
  • For your own geometry you’re going to need to add “collider” objects for Unity’s physics engine to perform raycasts into the model. It’ll still do it, without the colliders, but they won’t hit anything. 🙂
    • For our robot model there are lots of meshes, so I added MeshCollider…

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