Autodesk Interns: Straight Talk Directly from the Horse's Mouth

After taking the July 4 week off, we returned to work on yesterday. As I have mentioned in other blog posts:

we have 4 interns working with us this summer:

  • Ali Ahmed
  • Brittany Presten
  • Connor Freeman
  • Eni Asebiomo

Ali, Connor, and Eni recently used Fusion 360 to design and make a magnetic lamp.


Every month or so we have an all employee meeting called “Carl Talk” where CEO, Carl Bass, answers employee questions. Our team’s own, Eni Asebiomo, was one of the hosts:


It was great to hear Carl’s thoughts on working in small companies versus large ones, Brexit, the importance and effects of diversity in the workplace, and what interns should take away from their summer at Autodesk.

The interns also recently spent time with Fusion 360 API expert, Brian Ekins:


Personal interaction is alive in the lab.

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