Building a Structural Revit Template

I have been asked by a reader to explain how to create a structural revit template for your office. Creating a good template is essential to working smarter & faster, becoming more productive and saving valuable time. It is the best way to ensure consistency among your drafting team and gets your models and drawings off on the right foot. Put simply, a good Revit template is essential!

Creating a revit template is a big undertaking, and explaining the best practices and tips is even bigger! It is my intention in this blog post to give a brief outline of what to look out for and what to include in your structural revit template. I will follow this up with a more in-depth guide or tutorial that digs a bit deeper and provides more explanation. So lets begin!

What to include in a structural revit template

The point of your revit template is to save time and be consistent. Each time you start a project you don’t want to have to load the same elements every time – you want the…

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