Create a 3D Human Skull

Have you ever wanted your own 3D skull or other unique object? Now you can make any 3D model you create or find on the web into a real physical 3D object of cardboard or clay without a 3D printer. Check out this tutorial created by David of Make Something using the free and fun Autodesk 123D Make to create a full size 3D skull. You can create some really cool abstract sculptures from cardboard as well. You could use Autodesk 123D Catch or Autodesk ReMake formerly known as Autodesk Memento to generate a 3D model from photos then create the cardboard or clay version in real life. Great for education and also great for Halloween props.

A few years back I created some replicas of some human (hominid) fossil skulls from Northern Kenya from which are great teaching tool to allow any classroom to study fossil specimens for little cost. I always intended to create a tutorial on how we created the cardboard skulls but never got around to it.
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