Design Sheet Metal Roofs that meets Standards, Building Modules & Aesthetics

Client demands have changed and are evolving big time. No more satisfied with conventional products that simply adhere to the design and budgetary needs, customers now want each element of a building project to fulfil certain expectations across a range of aspects. This stands true when it comes to selecting a sheet metal ceiling as well.

Mechanical and electrical integration often dictates the material required for ceilings, which are often looked at as merely a finish that stays overhead. Along with aesthetics, acoustic performance, environmental requirements, maintenance, accessibility, and life-cycle, are all that get highly influenced by the type of ceiling used.

While specifying ceilings for commercial buildings, or for that matter, it can be residential or a multi-purpose buildings as well, the two most common choice is sheet metal. The second preference is given to mineral fiber. Enlisted is an overview of both options, and advantages and disadvantages of each.

Sheet Metal Roofs Design



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