Developing for HoloLens on Windows 10

So yes, it does make sense to switch to Windows 10 if you’re doing HoloLens development.

As mentioned in a recent post, I’d previously not upgraded any of my work PCs to Windows 10, mainly due to lack of formal support from our IT department. Which isn’t in itself a huge concern, but I do need to connect to certain pieces of corporate infrastructure, so this was enough of a deterrent in the absence of a compelling reason to upgrade.

The two main potentially compelling reasons I hit while working on this HoloLens project were:

  1. Inability to run the HoloLens emulator
  2. Lack of spatial sound support prior to Windows 10

The first one wasn’t such an issue – once I got my hands on a physical device, of course – but the second was irritating enough for me to go ahead and upgrade to Windows 10 (with the help and blessing of our local IT team).

Immediate benefits? Well, for sure I could install the emulator, which is hosted by Hyper-V. So yes, I’m working on a physical Windows…

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