Displaying your Unity model in 3D using HoloLens

This post shows something really simple, but I decided to share it here as it took me some time to track down.

On Saturday I received the 3D model of an ABB industrial robot – the IRB 6620 I mentioned last week – from Tom Eriksson. He’s used a number of tools – including Fusion 360 – to create a gorgeous rendition of this particular robot in Unity. Tom very kindly agreed to share the model, and has spent quite a bit of time helping get it ready for HoloLens.

The first version Tom sent unfortunately didn’t work for my purposes, as it contained something Mac-specific, due to his use of Cheetah 3D. Tom then exported to FBX and sent an updated version of the project. As this was a standard Unity project I had to do some work to get it showing correctly in HoloLens.

My initial attempts led to a planar view onto the model:

Our robot model in 2D

It was clear I was missing a setting, somewhere, and I eventually managed to find out what it was. Beyond the standard settings shown in the majority…

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