Dynamo Time

Customization has always been a mainstay of design software, especially with the Autodesk products.  Customization of Revit for the user/non-programmer is finally here with Dynamo.  Dynamo has been in development for some time, but has been gaining momentum among Revit power users.  It really opens up the door for users to achieve more functionality through the open-source visual programming extension for Revit.  It provides similar opportunities to the Revit user like AutoLisp did for AutoCAD users.

Autodesk incorporated Dynamo into the Revit 2017 version to make it easier on users to access the programming interface.  The Dynamo command is accessible from the Manage tab and the Visual Programming panel.

Dynamo Ribbon Command

Dynamo works with Revit 2015, 2016, and 2017.  Since Revit 2015 and 2016 do not come with Dynamo, you can still download the software and run it within those Revit versions.  The latest version of Dynamo can be downloaded from http://dynamobim.com or

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