I’ve really fallen behind with finishing posts.  Here’s one I started almost a month ago about work I did on Project Soane a couple of weeks before that.  The target area is the southern side of Lothbury Court.  There is a kind of triumphal gateway leading into a tunnel for the bullion carts to complete their journey to the unloading point next to the Bullion Office.  The original building by Sampson had two courtyards: a public “Entrance Court” and a private “Bullion Court”.  As part of the N.E. Extension, Soane remodelled the back wall of this second courtyard, making it curved so that the angles tunnel can pass through at right angles.

I had previously mocked up the triumphal arch on the Lothbury Court side very roughly.  Time to flesh it out a bit.  I had come across an old photo that helps with this, possible one of Yerbury’s record photos from the 1920s.  There are four columns supporting four statues.  Actually Soane went through multiple versions of this design before…

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