Introducing Design Graph: How machine learning will transform 3D engineering

Design Graph Machine Learning for Manufacturing

Jet engines, lifelike movie monsters, cancer-fighting nanorobots and bespoke products. We live in a world where the objects all around us are designed by someone, and at the same time we are experiencing the biggest change in how we make things since the industrial revolution.

But this change isn’t just about new technology; designers and engineers are experiencing profound process changes and totally new and different ways of working. How do designers and engineers rise to meet the challenges that accompany these changes?

At Autodesk, we asked ourselves this question: What if there was a better way to organize all design information and allow people’s ideas and creations to emerge more organically?

Imagine having Google search-like functionality for the world of 3D models. Think of the simplicity and the speed at which you could work. This is what we have been working on at Autodesk and it is called Design Graph.

Design Graph is a powerful new machine learning system that uses…

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