NA RTC 2016 Day2

Today started with Autodesk’s Revit Product Manager talking about “Revit: Today and Tomorrow” it will be interesting to see how their innovations will effect my work flow in the future. Any Idea on how to improve Revit send them to Autodesk @ Revit Ideas. Then the yearly Glorious Gadgets presentation showed some cool Gadgets.

I sat through a panel discussion called asked the BIM Stars where a lot of good discussions on issues of BIM and on the future of the industry.
At the afternoon break I went to the hotel wave pool to watch my boy surfing.

Scott Brown and Darick had an interesting presentation about “Architectural Jazz: The Psychology of Project Collaboration” Team communications is very important. Showing work on the walls is a form of communication that tells others what you are working on within the office.

The last class I was in today was ‘How the contractor uses my model by theRevitkid. It was cool to put a real face to another blogger I follow. He showed a great image of…

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