NARTC 2016 Day3

The last Day of RTC NA 2016 started with a class on “In the Face of a Challenge: Innovative Project Delivery Strategies” by Scott Chatterton. Scott had some interesting points on how to setup a project team. Remember what the project demands are not just what the final deliverables are.

I went to a class on “Compare and Contrast Visualization Programs: Autodesk Showcase, Enscape &Autodesk Exp.” by Brian Mackey. Though it was a tossup I really wanted to hear what Shawn Zirbes had to say about “Your Revit Project Private Eye, Data Mining with Microsoft Power BI” Brian had Aaron Maller as a co-speaker to talk about Revizto. Big use for showcase is to show different materials quickly. Bad thing about Showcase is the fact that it really can’t use large Revit files.

At lunch I went by the CADSoft booth and won a mini drone.

Right after lunch I snuck into a class by Aaron Maller, The Parallax team Door Library, and the Content Migration Strategies. Arron showed some great doors and he talked…

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