Over my first HoloLens hurdle

It took me longer than expected to get HoloLens working, on Friday night. Here are some thoughts that may or not be of use to others when they go through the same process.

  • The initial tutorial was quite fun. A few parts of it were downright entertaining (I loved the coloured triangles, for instance).
  • Device callibration was straightforward: you go through a few steps where you tell the device more about its position by holding up your finger a few times per eye.

Finger alignment

  • Entering any serious amount of text using HoloLens is painful: you need to gaze at each letter and select it. Which is really tiring, if you choose to “air-tap” each one – especially when you have a longish name and/or password, and need a few attempts to get it right. To avoid airtap-fatigue you should be quick to set up and use the external selection clicker.
  • When I initially configured the device’s account, I made the huge mistake of choosing “the device belongs to my company” rather than “it belongs to…

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