Overlay Drawing PDFs Directly onto the 3D Model in Revizto

The new sheet overlay feature in Revizto is one of the coolest things I’ve seen this year. Now, we can directly view the drawing sheet (which is typically the contract document), in context with the live federated 3D model. This is hugely powerful in terms of understanding and explaining the design.

The feature itself works nice and easy if you have everything in Revit. You just tick ‘export sheets’ when you export the model, and you will have that sheet attachment ability.

However, if you import a ‘dumb’ PDF directly to the 2D space in Revizto, you don’t get the attachment capability.

So… in the workaround below, we take a PDF, make it into an image file, locate that image file accurately in Revit, put it on a sheet, then export to Revizto. Initially, I thought this wouldn’t work as we are essentially using Raster Data. However, it seems that the Revizto exporter and / or overlay feature uses some sort of alpha transparency to fade out the white stuff (paper), so it all still…
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