Resolving System.IO.FileLoadException Error Notification in Dynamo

I installed Dynamo 1.1.0 today and it has nice self protection feature: it will report if it thinks some other addin is going to cause Dynamo instability.

After loading up the new version, I received these notifications:

Essentially, Dynamo is saying it is worried about a few addins loading up a conflicting version of a library (DLL), namely Newtonsoft.Json.

In any case, I took 2 steps to resolve this notification.

Step 1: Removed C4R using Autodesk Uninstall Tool

This did not resolve the issue immediately

Step 2: Removed Autodesk Seek for Revit

After this, the issue was resolved and the notification did not appear anymore.

I haven’t reinstalled Collaboration for Revit yet to see if the issue comes back, but reply in the comments if you have any similar notifications.

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