Revit 2017 Family Reference Planes

As someone that creates a lot of Revit families, I always appreciate Revit enhancements and new features that help with creating or working with families. Reference Planes are a critical component of families and Revit 2017 has some interesting changes in regards to them.


A big change for 2017 is that we can now create sub-categories for Reference Planes. This allows us to differentiate reference planes with different graphic properties such as colors and line types.

When viewing the reference planes in a family, you can understand the purpose of the reference plane by its graphics. You can also turn off the reference planes that are not pertinent to what you are doing at the current time in the family.  An example of usage for subcategories is to have one for reference planes that control connectors, another one for extrusion edges, another one for 2D linework, etc.  This can be very beneficial when there are many reference planes in a family.

When you create a…

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