Revit 2017 Font Fix Workflow

Earlier I wrote an article on how Revit 2017 fonts have changed and can cause the text to grow and shift. I wanted to share with everyone my process of figuring out what has changed so I know what to fix in the families, legends, schedules, and text. Our client, RNL Design, wanted me to start going through this process of upgrading their families and templates. Hopefully this helps you to know where to start looking and saves you some time.

The first step is upgrading your family library; this can be a tedious process if you don’t have a tool to automate the steps. I’m happy to say I have a tool for you that is free and you can download here.

Just a heads up, I changed the file extension from “exe” to “txt” so hopefully your virus software doesn’t interrupt the download. Once you download it just rename it back to “exe” and you are good to go. Just start a dummy project and pick on the new tab on the ribbon and follow the dialogue box, this is from our developer…

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