#Revit MEP Space Type Control with #DynamoBIM

A question recently came up over at Revit forum regarding getting and setting space parameters for space type in Revit with Dynamo.


And for those who may not be familiar with the space type parameter, here are the options.

2016-07-15 07_56_26-Autodesk Revit 2016 - [Floor Plan_ W-FP-1 - Project2]


Initially I thought this was an impossible task, but thankfully we have python and access to the Revit API! There are now several nodes in Rhythm to gather this data.

There are now four nodes to assist in modifying these parameters.

2016-07-15 08_20_02-Dynamo

Gathers all space types in project

2016-07-15 08_20_22-Dynamo

Gets space type based on name search

2016-07-15 08_20_43-Dynamo

Sets the space type for a space

2016-07-15 08_22_10-Dynamo

Gets the space type for a space


Have fun!


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