Sheet publishing on BIM 360 Docs

Here's a quick tip on using BIM 360 docs to collaborate on approved sheets from Revit.

One of the key strengths of our Cloud offering is that we re-use and leverage the existing services (for instance the Large Model Viewer). When uploading a revit file to the 'Plans' or 'Shop Drawings' folder, we're actually using the same technology used on C4R to define the sheets that need to be extracted.

In short, simply define a sheet set in Revit using the 'Views for A360' button on the 'Collaborate' tab:

Docs tip1

Select the sheets you need, then upload the file to 'Plans' or 'Shop Drawings' and only these specific sheets will get extracted.

So, in short, even when the revit file is 'live' and still changes, the sheets you've approved can be extracted as seperate entities, so that work can kick off on these area's.


Ives Veelaert

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