Have you heard of PyRevit? If you haven’t, stop reading this and head to the PyRevit repo on github.

Smart Align was inspired by Bim42’s Align Tags to help align multiple revit objects at once, but it has as few differences:
1. It needs RevitPythonShell and PyRevit installed (you can technically use it without PyRevit, but it’s not nearly as convenient).
2. It handles several object types, including Walls, Doors, Rooms, Text, Tags, as well as Furniture, Fixtures, and many more. Demo videos below.
3. Good or bad: it’s 100% Python.

Want to test it out? Make sure you have PyRevit installed and running, then download the files from the PyRevitPlus repo











[vimeo 174676628 w=1440 h=810]

[vimeo 174676629 w=1440 h=810]

[vimeo 174676630 w=1440 h=810]

[vimeo 174676631 w=1440 h=810]

[vimeo 174676632 w=1440 h=810]

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