Talkin' 'bout my Generation, my Generative Design

With apologies to The Who for the title of this blog post, Generative Design is a process where a human gives the computer a set of parameters that expresses his overall goals, and the system uses algorithms to explore all of the best possible permutations of a solution through successive generations, until the best one is found. Autodesk is working to change the computer from being a high-powered documentation tool to an intelligent partner in the creation of designs.

In terms of Generative Design, we have some new web pages that recently went live:

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But wait. That’s not all. Generative Design can be applied to biology:

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This blog post was written by a human but spell and grammar checked by a computer. One day the computer may also help me compose. There are examples of this already, e.g., “Did a Human or a Computer Write This?” Computers can already generate new works of art in the tradition of the old masters, e.g., “Deep…

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