It’s a long weekend for EID, so I finally got around to organising my stuff on Docs.com
Turns out this is a terrific place to store all my past presentations (RTC, BIM Breakfast, AUX, BIM Show Live, whatever) 

You can just upload documents (powerpoint, pdf, etc) or you can upload pictures and text as a “Journal Post” which means that you are basically using SWAY to quickly organise this material into a modern style web page.

So here’s a link to all the talks I’ve uploaded so far

Docs.com  MY TALKS

You can also get to this via the top bar.  Which will be the fastest route in future. 

While I was at it I also fleshed out my “THE WAY WE BUILD” section.  There are a lot of posts here at Shades of Grey under that heading, but Docs.com lends itself to a somewhat cleaner style of presentation with less emphasis on Revit tips and “recording my process”.  So I am thinking of using this to make my work available to a wider audience: non Revit users who might conceivably be interested in…

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