11 Tips to Master Revit User Interface

First time you open Revit, you are confused and have no idea what is going on. What are all these bars, parameters, icons, trays and browsers? The goal of this guide is to explain the user interface as simply as possible. You will also receive 11 tips to have a smooth and comfortable beginner experience.

Before anything else, you need to understand where all tools and commands are located, and what the Ribbon contains.


The ribbon is located at the top of your screen. It contains almost all tools used Revit. It is divided by tabs, which are described below.

Every architecture element that appears in 3D in your model is created from this tab. You will also find tools like Rooms, levels and grids.

This tab is designed to be used by structural engineers. If you are an architect or designer, it is used it for beams,…

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