21 years

I was a little surprised when LinkedIn reported my 21st anniversary at Autodesk, a couple of weeks’ ago. I eventually realised it was because the middle of my month of starting had been chosen to notify my connections of this particular anniversary (LinkedIn doesn’t have the specific date, I suppose).

Anyway, it turns out today’s the actual anniversary. 21 short years’ ago, I joined Autodesk Ltd. in Guildford, Surrey. Since then I’ve worked for Autodesk Development S.à.r.l. (Neuchâtel, Switzerland), Autodesk India Private Ltd. (Bangalore, India), and Autodesk, Inc. (San Rafael, California). But all within the umbrella of life at the ‘desk, of course.

In keeping with the times, here’s a HoloCake I HoloBaked myself to celebrate the occasion. Whatever path I end up taking in the future, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at this great company. I’ve had fun on a daily basis for 21 years – I really couldn’t ask for more. We’ll see where it goes from here!

21st anniversary HoloCake

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