3 Reasons CAD won’t cut it for transportation anymore

If you’ve been paying attention the last several months, you’ve noticed that Autodesk has been talking more about advanced technologies and the future of making things, but maybe you have not yet connected how these topics relate to why traditional CAD won’t cut it in the future. CAD won’t help you be a leader in designing future transportation systems. When I say future, I don’t mean somewhere far, far off in a distant date. The future is already happening; and technologies are already in place and evolving that can improve your design workflows in ways maybe you only imagined possible for movies and video games.

To give you an idea of what I mean by advancing technology, consider the three eras of technological disruption.

  • In the early days of CAD, Autodesk was the disruptor in the Era of Documentation where we moved 2D drawings onto a computer with AutoCAD. This was the first era of disruption for CAD vendors. And we led the way…
  • The next disruption was the Era of…

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