Alienville: An Experiment in InfraWorks 360 Collaboration

What happens when you ask the InfraWorks 360 Community to work together to build an alien residential development conveniently located near Area 54? This:


And it’s only just beginning. I created the Alienville project back in April of this year and invited folks to contribute via this Discussion Board post.  There are still many lots to develop but the ones that have been worked on have an amazing level of detail. There are all type of buildings, landscapes, creatures, vehicles, and even a working stargate that has a fighter jet emerging from it.

While this is all fun and good, it’s also a testament to the collaboration capabilities of the InfraWorks 360 environment. So far 8 different designers have contributed design and content to the model, and not just a little bit. This is a detailed and robust model that’s been under fairly heavy collaboration for nearly five months.

So check out the Alienville model in The Gallery and enjoy the still images, navigable 3D model,…

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