"As you have brewed [the soup], so you must drink [the soup]." by Lisa Rotzinger

Lisa Rotzinger is one of our newest employees. She is a Designer for Networked Matter. You may recall Lisa from last year when she was an intern and presented at the Autodesk Leadership forum at Autodesk University in Las Vegas. At my urging, Lisa submitted this posting to my blog.

As you have brewed [the soup], so you must drink [the soup].

My name is Lisa Rotzinger, and I have been an official industrial designer since the beginning of this year. I am now a trainee in the Office of the CTO and member of the Corporate Strategy & Engagement (CS&E) team under Jon Pittman, VP of Corporate Strategy.

Why this team, you ask? Long story short: An Autodesk Visiting Fellow — who happened to be part of the CS&E team for a year — was searching for an intern to help him explore the (and I quote) “future of design.” I was in my last year of college (University of Wuppertal, Germany), studying abroad at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, and quite curious to jump right into…

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