Autodesk in Space

Autodesk Remake formerly known as Autodesk Memento is currently being used on the International Space Station that is currently orbiting around Earth. Autodesk Remake is being used by the NASA and  Made in SpaceAdditive Manufacturing Facility” (AMF) for 3D printing on the space station.  The latest printer with Autodesk Remake was placed into orbit on March 23, 2016 AMF in Orbit, A New 3D Printer Heading to the International Space Station.

3D printing in space is a really important since astronauts cant get shipments from a FedEx truck or run over to the nearest store to pick up a wrench or get something specific to solve a problem or fill a need on the space station or perhaps a Mars outpost in the future.

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AMF - Made in Space Additive Manufacturing Facility

Made in Space’s Additive Manufacturing Facility AMF – Image courtesy of Made in Space

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