BIM Augmented/Virtual Reality App for Construction

BIM Augmented Reality Android App for Construction
➡Building Information Modeling (BIM) based mobile application which simulates cost, safety and quality information by linking MS-Project and BIM 3D model on 2D Based drawings

BIM can be viewed as a virtual process that encompasses all aspects, disciplines, and systems of a facility within a single, virtual model, allowing all design team members (owners, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers) to collaborate more accurately and efficiently than using traditional processes. As the model is being created, team members are constantly refining and adjusting their portions according to project specifications
Augmented app

0:18 Augmented App Mode on 2D Drawing

0:54 5D Simulation of Constraints

1:58 Virtual Reality App Mode

2:06 Using Controller in VR App Mode

2:43 Start Date, End Date, Safety, Cost and Quality for the selected column

3:04 Moving between floors

3:23 Changing the Constraints for the selected column

➡Preconstruction Benefits

Concept, Feasibility, and Design Benefits

Increased Building Performance and Quality

Collaboration in the Team using Integrated Project Delivery

➡Design Benefits

Earlier Collaboration of multiple design disciplines by means of IPD

Earlier and more accurate visualizations of a design

Parametric Corrections when changes are made to design

Generation of Accurate and Consistent 2D Drawings at Any Stage of the Design

Easy Verification of Consistency to the Design Intent

Anytime extraction of Cost Estimates during the Design Stage

Improvement of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

➡Construction and Fabrication Benefits

Use of Design Model as Basis for Fabricated Components

Quick Reaction to Design Changes

Discovery of Design Errors and Omissions before Construction

Synchronization of Design and Construction Planning

Better Implementation of Lean Construction Techniques

Synchronization of Procurement with Design and Construction

➡Post Construction Benefits

Improved commissioning and Handover of Facility Information

Improved management and operation of facilities

Integration with facility operation and management systems

Complete information about the building and its systems in one single file format.