BIM Use in New Aircraft Carrier Pier and Bulkhead Rehabilitation Design


Today, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is routinely used in the design of buildings and other vertical structures. When the design for a new U. S. Navy aircraft carrier pier and the rehabilitation of existing bulkhead began in 2009, BIM was becoming a standard in vertical structure design, but had hardly been used for piers and other horizontal structures.  The Moffatt & Nichol led MN3M joint venture, which was awarded the contract for the project, decided to utilize BIM to improve coordination among design disciplines, identify potential construction conflicts, reduce errors in design, help visualize the end product, and provide the Navy with a model to be used for asset management.  This process is described in more detail by John Gaul and Michael Rieger, who worked on the project as a structural engineer and project manager respectively.


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