Configuration Management: Key to Success for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

Configuration Management

In a world were manufacturing is digitizing and products are becoming smart through disruptive technologies like Internet of Things, there is an increase in the complexity and part count for these products. These changes are even more severely affecting industrial equipment manufacturers involved in pressure vessels or storage tanks, valves & fittings, where number of parts often reaches from hundreds to thousands. This increase in the counts invariably pushes the importance of managing Bill of Materials (BOM), since it defines the entire relationship of the product to each of its component. Inaccuracy in BOMs can lead to reduced efficiency not only at the departmental level, but could be responsible for any major product recall due to missing part.

As a matter of fact, managing BOMs and related product data effectively, is one of the biggest challenges that industrial equipment manufacturers face today. A recent research survey from Aberdeen Group titled, “The Importance of…

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