Construction Cost Savings: The Tip of the BIM Iceberg

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Getting the best building for your investment; it is every owner’s goal. One we know well. To get the most value from your project and adopting a BIM process, you’ll need to clearly identify what you want at the outset. This may sound intuitive, but we often see projects where BIM is implemented late in the game or severely underutilized. This means that project teams are missing out the deeper benefits from a controlled BIM process. And the deeper benefits are immense.

We define a controlled BIM process as a way of working that allows all participants, including building owners to access, use, and rely on the inherent data created throughout the building life cycle.

The Tip of the Iceberg

At the tip of the iceberg, the benefits that you should expect to see are:

  • Savings in cost and time overruns. We have clients who have seen Change Orders drop a staggering 9% – 13% to a just 4% of construction costs.
  • Better team coordination/ collaboration; everyone being able to access…

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