Design Strategies with FormIt 360

Lately I have been working with the FormIt 360 and Insight 360 development teams working on some new and exciting upcoming features. In my Autodesk University class “AR18857 – Design Strategies with FormIt 360” Hopefully I will be able to show off some if these new items with my existing workflows on designing/modeling facades in FormIt and getting feedback from Insight 360 on what is working and not working.

AU FormIt Class

I have been working a lot on workflows for designing curtain systems inside FormIt 360 for façade layout. There are some great tools in FormIt to quickly start flushing out design intent for these type of designs. At the bottom of this post I have some links if you are interested. One of the new additions to FormIt 360 is allowing Dynamo Scripts to be part of the FormIt design model. Josh Goldstein, User Experience Designer at Autodesk, was a huge help at making my “wish list items” of how this would work and developing a Dynamo script for me to help with creating…

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