Double Leader Keynotes

In Revit 2017 you can now have double leaders to your Keynotes.

Well it is still a hack but it is a better hack then what I’ve seen in the past. Revit Keynotes can not have multiple leaders from the same keynote tag. The reason for this is because Revit keynotes are taging a single object. If you try to tag multiple objects with the same keynote tag Revit gets confused and doesn’t tag anything. In the past I’ve seen two methods to get the multiple leaders. first tag the other objects and place the keynote tags on top of one another. Main problem with this is that often the tags get misaligned, which causes a graphical issue. The second method it to have an empty symbol that you can add leaders to. This method is fine but a little cumbersome.

Revit 2017 has done a lot to the text function. (See Steve Stafford’s blog on all the cool things they added to the text feature in Revit 2017.) One of the things they have done was give us the ability to have add a leader to empty text. This…
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