End of Molecule Viewer technology preview


Historically, Autodesk has served three industries:

  • Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Entertainment

By serving these industries, I mean we deliver technologies that enable the future of making things, whether that be a building, mechanical part, or the latest blockbuster movie. In the process, we are leading the shift in the industries we serve to cloud-based technologies and business models. As part of serving those industries, we have developed a “large model viewing” technology that is associated with our cloud offerings. It is normally used for buildings and mechanical parts. It has “large” in its name in that it handles models that are larger and more complex than those handled by Autodesk Design Review.

We had a technology preview on Autodesk┬áLabs where we leveraged that viewing technology for a different industry. To quote Steve Martin, “Hey, let’s get small.” 3D┬ávisualization of large and multi-scale biological data, from…

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