ETHZ, EPFL and all that jazz

This week has been a little hectic, once again. Yesterday I spent the morning back across at ETH Zurich, speaking with members of the Block Research Group about Forge, Dynamo and HoloLens. They’ve just moved into a brand new building labelled HIB – where the various schools at ETH focusing on architecture from a technological perspective will be co-located – but as it’s so new it’s yet to be sign-posted. I eventually did find it, but not without asking for directions from 5 different people.


Inside the ceiling is pretty cool: they’ve used a combination of skylights for natural light alongside fluorescent lighting that complements it perfectly (or no doubt replaces it as we get into the cloudy season).


Today I went the other way, across to ETH’s sister university in Lausanne, EPFL. The main purpose was to speak to faculty members with research teams working on robotics about the 25th anniversary event for Autodesk Switzerland. As it has a robotics theme we’d…

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