Fast Cars and Generative Design

Trona Pinnacles May 2016

Back in May of this year I had the pleasure to be in the hot and beautiful Southern California desert at Trona Pinnacles near Death Valley with a group of engineers, scientist, champion Baja 1000 champion race drivers, car builders, mechanics, designers, cinematographers, technologists, and more for a historic off road race car project test for a generative designed car, the Hackrod. The Hackrod was designed by Autodesk Dreamcatcher using design input and performance data from many types of sensors on a test vehicle also known as the mule.
The Hackrod mule testing at Trona Pinnacles May 2016

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Hackrod Team in the Trona Pinnacles

Ashlee Vance and his camera crew joined us to capture the Hackrod mule testing for Bloomberg. Check out the Bloomberg Hello World Episode 5 with other great stories and the Hackrod at 21:12 in the episode.

Machines, Madness and Freedom: Invention in the Mojave Desert

I captured the Trona Pinnacles unique terrain in 3D using laser scanners and photogrammetry using a aerialĀ  UAS/UAV. We will be able to use the data in a computer simulation of…

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