Flux Site Extractor

Flux Site Extractor is a Flux extension app which allows you to import GIS information. It uses the building outlines and road centrelines from the Open Street Map database and the elevation data from NASA’s Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. When activating the app, there is no installation required and hence no requirement to have admin rights, which can prove useful if on a work computer. You simply need to grant the Site Extractor app access to your Flux account.


Flux_Site Extractor_1600x740

The Bays Precinct, Sydney, Australia


Once activated, the map will be centred on your location. If your site is elsewhere, you can search for the specific location in the search box. Simply draw a rectangle over the area you want to export. Note that the rectangle will turn red if the area is too large. In this scenario, you may need to do multiple exports to several different Flux projects.

Select the features you want to extract from the menu. Also select the Flux project you want to send the data to….

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