FOUR – Using Science Fiction to Explore Technology

Autodesk has published a free new electronic book titled FOUR. Science fiction and storytelling are a great methods of delivery to convey technology and explore the possible future.


FOUR is the newest installment of stories developed by Autodesk’s Strategic Futures project, where we use science fiction to explore how technology that we are working on today can and should shape the future. Storytelling has played an extremely important role in the development of human culture — since before we could even communicate through speech — yet it is still underutilized by technologists as a way to communicate new ideas.

In the words of celebrated production designer Alex McDowell: “Stories are not frivolous, they can transform how we think about the way we do our work.” By taking ideas that are nearly in our grasp and creating relatable narratives from them, we hope to give both the audience and the scientists a common point by which to connect and create a shared vision of the…

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